Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my pet into the park?

In order to protect our animals, water quality and our guests, pets are not permitted within the park. We do have a limited number of shaded kennels available near the parking lot available on a first come, first serve basis. A refundable deposit is required for a lock, key and water dish.

Are picnics allowed?

Certainly! Shining Waters Family Fun Park has over 80 picnic tables within the property, including the beautiful Stewart Homestead Community Park. You may also picnic on the large shaded deck at Riddle�s Take-Out. We do not allow coolers in the central waterpark to prevent glass breakage and reserve the right to search any cooler to protect the safety of our patrons.

Is there an additional charge for parking?

Shining Waters Family Fun Park has a large, FREE, parking lot!

Do you offer lifejacket rentals?

Lifejackets are available free of charge to non-swimmers. They may be obtained at the first aid station in the waterpark.

Is there an additional charge of Tubes?

Both single and double tubes are included in your admission charge so that you may enjoy our waterslides with a family member!

Is there a dress code?

Appropriate swimwear is required and subject to park approval. No jeans, pants with rivets, buckles chains or bikini thongs allowed. Riders are not permitted to wear sunglasses, glasses or water showes on the slides.

Prosthesis, Casts and Orthopedic Braces

Guests with prosthetic devices or orthopedic braces may enjoy all attractions in the waterpark provided that their particular device was designed for such an activity, that the activity will not aggravate a preexisting injury and they are able to maintain a correct riding position.

Guests with waterproof arm casts may ride both body slides provided they are able to maintain the correct riding position. They may not ride the tube slides due to the speed and turbulent nature of the ride as well as the necessity for full grip strength and range of motion on the tube. Guests with leg casts or neck braces may not ride any of the water slides.

Guests who are excluded from any park activities under this policy will qualify for a special reduced rate at the ticket booth.

Are their any restrictions on the slides?

Our slides are designed by a world leader in safety, but there are a few restrictions. Our duck slide on Turtle Cove Splash Pad can be enjoyed by children of all ages, although we would recommend that younger children wear a swim diaper, available in our gift shop.

The Slingshot and Catapult are designed to be enjoyed by children over 42" tall. These traditional body slides have a unique run-out design, so the water is never deeper than 6- 8 inches. This is done to make younger children more comfortable and improve safety.

The Cannonbowl and Crossbow are tube slides. All sliders on the Cannonbowl must be over 48" tall, but riders over 42" tall can be accompanied on the Crossbow by a responsible rider over 48" tall.

Personal flotation devices must meet Department of Transportation standards and be approved by staff before use. Footwear, belt buckles, and pants with rivets or other sharp objects are not permitted on slides. To prevent damage and the introduction of glass or foreign objects to our water systems; loose objects including glasses are not permitted on the slides. Guests who wish may sign a waiver at the first aid station allowing them to hold glasses while riding the body slides. Guests are not permitted to hold glasses on the tube slides as this would prevent them from mainting the correct riding position. Goggles or facemasks which cover the eyes and nose are not permitted.

More information can be found on our ride restrictions page.

Are lockers available?
Lockers are available in the waterpark section of the park on a pay per use basis. The cost per use is $1.
I am not going on anything, do I still have to pay the admission charge?

Shining Waters Family Fun Park is a general admission park and pricing is based on all visitors paying the charge. This is traditional for this type of park as many of the activities within the park cannot restrict access to paying customers only. Please note that children under 36� tall do not pay the admission charges. If we were to move to a pay per ride basis, we would have to increase prices and increase staffing to restrict access to various attractions. We wish to avoid this and have selected the general admission approach to ensure the most enjoyable visitor experience for all of our guests.

What forms of payment are accepted?

At our entrance and gift shop, we are pleased to accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and American Express. Inside the park, the food outlets operate on a cash only basis, although a bank machine is available at Riddle�s Take-Out.

What is your weather policy?

Shining Waters Family Fun Park is open rain or shine. If events such as extreme weather (i.e. lightning, sustained high winds) or power outages force the park to suspend operation for more than 60 minutes, rain checks valid at any time for the remainder of the season will be issued if requested. Rain checks must be requested prior to leaving the park. Rain checks must be requested within 30 minutes of the park resuming operations. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer cash refunds.